The Exhibition of A.Tutunov' works

A.A.Tutunov is an acknowledged master of contemporary art. A representative of Moscow school of painting with its high level of picturesque freedom, he continues in his art traditions of “Russian artists’ union”, especially K.Korovin and K. Yuon. He was deeply influenced by outstanding Russian painters P.Konchalovskiy and A.Plastov.
The exhibition is unique – it shows works from author’s private collection, that previously have never been exhibited. Created during 1950-1970-th, they give a more full presentation of master’s artistic strivings at the period of 1960-s, create atmosphere of that unique period when the renewal of Russian art took place.

   During many years Tutunov is faithful to his main theme – the theme of Russian province, everyday life of its inhabitants, beauty of its nature. Turning to the image of a common man, his everyday existence, Tutunov affirms the meaning of moral basis of people’s life.

    The exposition included a gallery of portraits of Russian province  inhabitants: fishermen, peasants, simple people. Their images are remarkable for maximum vital trustworthiness.



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