Isaak I. Brodski Apartment-Museum

The memorial apartment of Isaac I. Brodski, a noted painter and teacher, is located in Arts Square in the downtown of St. Petersburg, where architecture, painting, sculpture, music and theatre appear to have made a well-accorded whole.  

A man of versatile aspirations, Brodski was an ardent collector. For decades he amassed a remarkable collection of works of Russian painters of the 18th – early 20th century that is one of the best private collections in Russia. It includes splendid paintings by I. Repin, V. Surikov, V. Makovski,  V. Polenov, I. Levitan, V. Serov, K. Korovin,  B. Kustodiyev, M. Vrubel,  A. Golovin, M. Chagall  and many others.

Besides the collection, the Museum exhibits I. Brodski’s paintings of various periods. On display  are also works of applied art, furniture, books and photographs with  autographs of the painter’s contemporary celebrities.  Put together, they create an atmosphere of Brodski’s private house, his family and friends.
The Museum  contains 2299 items, comprising over two hundred canvases and graphic works by Brodski, around six hundred  paintings and 538 graphic works by other artists. 

The Museum arranges temporary exhibitions of modern painters and musical concerts popular with the public.

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