Arkhip I. Kuindji Apartment-Museum

The Arkhip I. Kuindju Apartment-Museum is located in the house in Birzhevoi Lane  in St.Petersburg which has long been known as Painters’ House because many noted Russian artists – A. Beggrov, E. Volkov, M. Klodt, I. Kramskoi, the Chernetsovs  lived in it. The house witnessed the last 13 years of Kuindji’s life and his death  in 1910.

Now, in the artist’s studio  there is an exposition dedicated to his teaching activity in the Academy of Arts where he served as a professor of landscape painting and head of a workshop from 1894-1897.

The Museum displays paintings by  his most  talented students such as N. Rerikh, A.Rylov, K. Bogaevski, as  well as his students’ diploma works.

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