The Russian Academy Of Arts


15.02.2024 -

On February 15, 2024 at 19.00 in the Big Hall of Chaikovsky Moscow State Conservatoire (13/6 Bolshaya Nikitskaya, Moscow) there will be a concert-dedication and unveiling of the exhibition in honor of the 90th jubilee of the People’s Artist of the USSR and Russia, President of the Russian Academy of Arts Zurab K. Tsereteli. On display will be 34 canvases by the master.

The name of any eminent artist is associated with what brought him the highest fame. Speaking about Zurab Tsereteli,  it is  his comprehensive sculptural world which heroes are often the creators dear to his heart and memory: Bella Akhmadulina, Yury Bashmet, Joseph Brodsky, Bulat Okudzhava. “The friend of Vysotsky and disgraced poets, man-explosion, man-challenge to Soviet art” – these are words of Andrey Voznesensky about Zurab Tsereteli. “Frantic, gushing, infecting with ideas” – exclaims Galina Volchek. “He conducts many orchestras at once which are not out of tune” – admires George Danelia.

It is not easy for those who see his painting for the first time as a stream of color and textured energy literally attacks them not allowing to look at this or that picture calmly and thoughtfully. It seems that in front of you there is one enormous canvas without any beginning and end. At the same time, if the viewers are able to withstand this emotional onslaught, and it is sure to happen because this is an energy of attraction and not repulsion, they will manage to discover the meaning   of at least some of his works.   

For Tsereteli flowers are not simply a reason to cheer up a portrait composition or paint a still life – they reflect the philosophy of his painting.  He gives many of his bouquets female names, a lot of them are connected with the memory of his friends, personal events and significant dates. Not hiding his love for Henri Matisse, Kazimir Malevich and Pablo Picasso the artist feels great both in the classical dimension and in the bizarre postmodern space due to his powerful color instinct that leads him on his own pathway.       

The jubilee  concert program includes selected works of the world piano classics to be performed by Konstantin Khachikyan, Vladimir Vishnevsky , Yun Syuihua and Dmitry Kaprin.


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