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27.08.2022 -

On August 27, 2022 within the traditional Museum Sea Festival “Water Assembly” in Kaliningrad there was unveiled the sculptural composition “Peter’s Childhood”, that is a gift to the city fr om the President of the Russian Academy of Arts Zurab Tsereteli. The sculpture has been placed at the Friedrichsburg Gates on the site of the World Ocean Museum.

In 2022, Russia marks the 350th birth anniversary of the first Russian Emperor – Peter I - the reformer and enlightener who radically changed the image of the state. Selflessly devoted to Russia Peter the Great still remains for his descendants a distinguished example of the service to the Motherland. The image of the tsar-reformer has been depicted in numerous works of fine arts, literature and cinema. Monuments to the Russian Emperor have been installed in many cities of Russia and other countries. The President of the Russian Academy of Arts Zurab Tsereteli has created monumental sculptural compositions “The 300th Anniversary of the Russian Navy” in Moscow, monument to Peter I in St. Petersburg and others. The History of the Russian State is a major theme to which Zurab Tsereteli has devoted many years of his work.  

“We are very grateful to Zurab Konstantinovich! This is a great gift to the Museum, the city of Kaliningrad and the entire Kaliningrad region! We have marked the beginning of the year of 2022 by establishment of the Petrovsky Center which is our contribution to preservation of Peter the Great’s legacy. The project is based on the Friedrichsburg Gates, wh ere young Peter studied in the fortress. Today, here there are an exposition about the history of shipbuilding and Peter I’s Study, children come to the Navigation School and Young Seaman Club to learn the basics of marine professions. The sculptural composition recreates the image of young Peter who was inspired by the boundless thirst for knowledge, was eager to see, hear, study and absorb as much as possible. We are confident, that this sculptural composition will reveal the sculptor’s deep meaning and bring great joy to people”, - said the Director-General of the World Ocean Museum Svetlana Sivkova.

“I fully share the desire of the Museum to preserve and enrich the memory of Peter the Great’s deeds, it is very important in the year of our celebration of his 350th birth anniversary. We are happy, that the Kaliningrad region will have a new place of interest which will contribute to preservation of the historical memory and the unity of the cultural space of Russia and Kaliningrad region as its integral part”, - said the sculptor, the People’s Artist of Russia, President  of the Russian Academy of Arts Zurab Tsereteli.


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