The Design Department of the Russian Academy of Arts invites you to attend the research conference “Technology for Creation of  Futurist Reality – Creative Works of Fyodor Dodonov and Haik Simonyan”, that will take place in the Apple hall of the Museum and Exhibition Complex of the Russian Academy of Arts (19 Prechistenka street, Moscow) on April 19, 2018 at 12.00.

The creative duet FEDYA&HAIK started in 1995. In their Moscow studio in Krasnaya Presnya the artists Haik Simonyan and Fyodor Dodonov generate incredible ideas, immediately implement them and simultaneously invent new technologies, techniques, forms and methods. Decorations, painting, costumes, accessories, jewelry, perfume, multimedia products, scenarios, stage direction …  Their creative energy is truly pervasive and limitless.

Today, the artists can boast of actions and performances for a number of major global brands: Nokia, Siemens, Wella, Goldwell, L’oreal, Lexus, HP, IBS, Gilette, Braun, Oral-b, Oriflame, Motorolla and many others.

Their opera performance “Secret Sounds of Sunbird Rising” won them victory in Andrew Logan’s Alternative Miss World 2004.      

In 2006, they created a theater of plastic performances BIONICA – space theatrical show, that was highly appreciated by experts and sophisticated connoisseurs. For the first time the artists used the possibilities of light for costumes.

Their extraordinary works for the Alternative Hair Show 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012 in partnership with Dmitry Vinokurov (top stylist Wella) and Mario Krankl (top stylist Goldwell) produced a stunning effect in the famous Royal Albert Hall in London and the State Kremlin Palace in Moscow.

In October, 2014 Haik Simonyan as a stage director in partnership with Larnilane demonstrated Lexus NX “Three Sisters” – theatrical show of a new format, where innovations and the new design aesthetics are transmitted through the synergy of experimental technologies of the theater art. The show was a great success in Moscow and St. Petersburg.  

On November 3, 2014 the duet FEDYA&HAIK was honored to close the Moscow Fashion Week with their performance “Hackers of Dreams” which proved their  
extraordinary professional level in the image creation.

The creative projects of Haik Simonyan and Fyodor Dodonov for the last 20 years have presented contemporary Russian art design in the best world sites: in London, Berlin, Frankfurt am Mein, Dusseldorf, Salzburg, Barcelona, Marcelle, Nice, Cannes, Davos, Los Angeles, Astana,  Minsk, Erevan, Tallinn, Riga, Vilnius, Antalya, Dubai.

Venue: the Apple hall of the Museum and Exhibition Complex of the Russian Academy of Arts, 19 Prechistenka street, Moscow

April 19, 2018  
12.00 – Opening of the Conference

Opening speech: Andrey Bobykin, the Vice-President of the Russian Academy of Arts, Head of the Design Department of the Russian Academy of Arts

1.Modern performance
-The transforming role of the costume, stages of work on the costume (costume as a key to immersion into the chosen artistic reality, its creation from the sketch to design, modern technologies and materials);
-The transforming role of the environment in the performance (use of multimedia technologies, new systems of lightening, mobile decorations, motion sensors, laser devices, kinetic modeling , light drones);
-Concept and action in performance (development of ideas, scenario, work with choreographers, dancers, singers, musicians and models);
-Audio perception and its role in the performance (work with the composer and harmonist, live instrumental, vocal and electronic performance of music, noises);
-BIONICA – performance of FEDYA&HAIK (history of BIONIKA project, its concept, presentation of the performance).

2.Odors and flavors as an Integral Element of the Environment    
-Creation of a flavor in a traditional way from aromatic substances, natural and synthetic (history of the development of perfumery chemistry)
-Perfume (classification of odors and flavors)
-Properties of aromatic substances (odor design options, interaction of components in the mixture)
-Pictorial possibilities (psychology of odors and marketing)
-Perfume in museums (the famous Moscow curator Katya Bochavar about the projects “Takeoff” (the vision of the future through the eyes of contemporary artists) and ZZZ (Exposition dedicated to plants in Perm and Perm region in the Museum of Contemporary Art in Perm,
-Demonstration of the aromatic diffuser of Fyodor Dodonov
-Demonstration of paintings and flavors created for them: synesthesia (effects of odors on visual perception: 5 canvases and their aromatic codes).

3.Painting of Fyodor Dodonov
-Digital presentation
-Demonstration on easels.

4. Performance of classical music        
Fyodor Dodonov (countertenor) and the musical ensemble “La Villa Barocca” will perform works by Vivaldi, Handel and Purcell

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