2017 International conference
"Education Environment for the Information Age"

Moscow, Russia
Institute for Strategy of Education Development
of the Russian Academy of Education
Russian Academy of Arts

June 7-8, 2017

Address: Moscow, Prechistenka Street, 21, Makarenko Street, 5/16

Main topics of the Conference:
• Education environment forming: social, economic, geopolitical, socio-cultural conditions.
• Education environment changes under the influence of InfoComm technologies.
• Education in the epoch of media. Medialogy and education.
• Methodology for education research of the world education environment in the information age.
• Philosophical and methodological foundation of educational process in the conditions of Informatization.
• Sources of the education content for the information age.
• The problem of interpretation of the education content for rhizomatic learning with ICT means.
• The spatial and temporal characteristics of educational systems in modern society: continuity and diversity of forms of education.
• Natural science and humanitarian education in the postindustrial era.
• Information and education environment of the contemporary university.
• Information and education environment of the contemporary school.
• Information technologies influence upon the quality of education.
• The problem of dialogic communication in the educational space of the information age.
• School e-learning problems and perspective.
• The formation of universal educational actions by means of ICT.
• Technologies of distance learning in online communities.
• Problems of creation and introduction of electronic textbooks.
• Problems of development of contemporary art education in the modern era.
• Topical issues of art teaching in the modern information era.
• Art teaching and the moral-aesthetic upbringing in the information age.

Programme Committee:
• S.V. Ivanova, Corresponding Member of RAE, Dr., Professor, director of ISED RAE, Chairperson of the Scientific Board on Comparative Education, Chairperson of the

Programme Committee, Moscow, Russia
• E.V. Nikulchev, Co-Chairperson of the Programme Committee, Dr., Professor, MTI, Moscow, Russia
• L.G. Balasanyan, President of Armenian Association of the Russian Language Teachers, Armenia
• V.B. Barakhnin, Dr., Professor, ICT SBRAS, Novosibirsk, Russia
• E.V. Bebenina, PhD (Education), ISED RAE, Moscow, Russia
• G. G. Bubnov, Dr., Professor, rector of MTI, Moscow, Russia
• V.S. Diev, Dr., Professor, NSU, Novosibirsk, Russia
• I.M. Elkina, ISED RAE, Moscow, Russia
• J. Hautamaki, Dr., Professor, University of Helsinki, Finland
• T.A. Kochemasova, PhD in Art History, Academician of the Russian Academy of Arts
• A.K. Kousainov, Academician, President of APS, Kazakhstan
• Jun Li, PhD (International Education Policy), PhD (Educational History), President, HKERA, Hong Kong
• Sing Kai Lo, Professor, HKIEd, Hong Kong
• O.T. Loiko, Dr., Professor, TPNIU, Tomsk, Russia
• M.A. Lukatskii, Dr., Professor, ISED RAE, Moscow, Russia
• N.V. Nalivaiko, Dr., Professor, NSPU, Novosibirsk, Russia
• N.D. Nikandrov, Academician, RAE, Dr., Professor, RAE, Moscow, Russia
• I.M. Osmolovskaya, Dr., ISED RAE, Moscow, Russia
• V. I. Soldatkin, Dr., Professor, MTI, Moscow, Russia
• G.V. Sorina, Dr, Professor, MSU, Moscow, Russia
• L.L. Suprunova, Dr., Professor, PSLU, Pyatigorsk, Russia
• V.G. Toonyan, Dr., Professor, YeSU, Yerevan, Armenia
• A.A. Zolotov, Vice-President of the Russian Academy of Arts

The language of the documents — English.

Conference and publication fee - 24000 rubles.

Important dates:
Deadline of paper submission — March 5, 2017.
Notification of acceptance — April 16, 2017.
Deadline of final version submission – April 30, 2017.

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