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The First Seminar – Training of the Cycle “Copyrights for Works of Art: How to Use Them and How to Protect Them”

19.05.2016 -

The Russian Academy of Arts presents the first seminar-training of the cycle “Copyrights for Works of Art: How to Use Them and How to Protect Them” that will take place in the Apple Hall (Tsereteli Art Gallery), 19 Prechistenka street, Moscow at 18.30. The Seminar will be headed by the Honorary Academician of the Russian Academy of Arts Konstantin Markov.

Konstantin Markov is a Vice-President of the Creative Artists’ Union of Russia for Copyrights Problems, PhD in Law, PhD in Engineering, Associate Professor of the  History Department of S. Stroganov Moscow State Academy of Arts and Industry, Member of the Moscow Regional Collegium of Advocates.

Konstantin Markov specializes in copyright and legal support to creative activity. Since 2004 he has been participating in the activity of working groups of the State Duma of RF on preparation of draft legislative acts, panel discussions and Parliamentary  hearings including the problems related to the legal support of the creative activity.

The first three Seminars-Trainings are free of charge.

Preliminary appointment  and registration - tel:  8 495 637 7679
E-mail: innoart@mail.ru
Research and Organizing Department of the Russian Academy of Arts

“Copyrights for Works of Art: How to Use Them and How to Protect Them”

The  Seminar –consultation is of interest to those whose life is connected with creative activity, who creates works of painting, sculpture, graphic art, design, decorative, applied and photography arts, collects artworks and is involved in business activity in the field of art.

The Tasks and Goals:
-    to  familiarize the participants with the most common problems arising at work with objects of intellectual property in the sphere of art, as well as to teach on real life situations to find ways of these problems resolution;  
-    to draw the attention of participants to the necessity to comply with    copyrights and in case of their violation – to protect them.

The Seminar will deal with the following problems:
-    how to use and efficiently manage your copyrights on works of art;
-    ways of confirmation of your authorship and other copyrights on works of art;
-    usual and unusual violations of copyrights;
-    methods of collecting money from the infringer of copyrights in court  and in pretrial order;
-    ways of proving the violation of copyrights.

Themes of the Seminar:  

1.    Author of an artwork and his rights. Co-authorship
2.    Objects of copyright protected by law. Peculiar features of legal protection of paintings, sculptures, graphic works, works of design, decorative and applied arts, photographic art, creative artistic activity based on modern digital technologies  
3.    Typical and unusual cases of copyrights violation: how to struggle against it and how to get financial compensation for copyright infringement

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