Moscow and Muscovites: Solo Show of Andrey Esionov at the Russian Academy of Arts

Organized to mark the 50th anniversary of Andrey Esionov, a noted master of  portrait and cityscape, the exhibition at the Russian Academy of Arts features the artistÆs nontraditional "formula" of the Russian capital and its residents.

Andrey Esionov is an artist of wide creative interests who tends to experiments in painting, searches for innovative means of expression and creative methods. On display are his works created during the last decade.

Andrey Esionov was born in 1963 in Tashkent, in 1981 he graduated from the Republican Art School and later the department of easel painting of A.N. Ostrovsky Tashkent State Theater and Art Institute. Since 1995 Andrey Esionov has been a member of the Creative Union of Russian Artists. The artist is a holder of many honors and awards. 

On display at the Russian Academy of Arts are 50 paintings and graphic works of Andrey Esionov. His portrait gallery includes portraits of the USSR President Mickhail Gorbachev, spaceman Alexey Leonov, film directors Eldar Ryazanov and Vladimir Naumov, painter Tair Salakhov, composer Gennady Gladkov, choreographer Vladimir Vasiliev, neurosurgeon Andrey Konovalov, actor Armen Dzhigarkhanyan, fashion designer Vyacheslav Zaitsev, writer Vladimir Voinovich,  journalist Henry Borovok and many other distinguished people.

The highlight of the exposition is his watercolors with views of Moscow streets and squares, old mansions and buildings of the Stalin time architecture, modern high-rises in the downtown of the city. His cityscapes organically contain genre scenes of everyday life emphasizing the busy rhythm and emotional component of the capital.

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