Flowers and Birds: Exhibition of works by Yang Duntszyan

April 26 – June 5, 2016
Zurab Tsereteli Art Gallery
21 Prechistenka street, Moscow

On April 26, 2016 at 17.00 in the halls of Tsereteli Art Gallery (21 Prechistenka street, Moscow) the Russian Academy of Arts presents a unique exhibition of painting and graphics by the artist of the highest qualification  at the Ministry of  Culture of China Yang Duntszyan. He is a member of the board of the Shenzhen  Artists’ Union, Deputy Executive Director of the Center for Cultural Interaction in the field of Chinese calligraphy  and painting, the Deputy Secretary of the Special Committee of Calligraphy and Painting at the Chinese Ministry of Culture, the Head of the Beijing Academy of Calligraphy and Painting Hayyue, invited artist of the Academy of Painting  named after Juan Tintszyana, artist recommend by the “Chinese Art”.

Since his childhood Yang Duntszyan  showed his ability to draw.  At the age of ten, he began his studies under the artists Xu  Peychen and Cheng Dali, at the age of 17 participated in an art exhibition in Jiangsu Province. At 20 he participated  in several art exhibitions of the Nanjing Military Region, at 23 – entered Nanjing Pedagogical Institute. Yang Duntszyan is an artist who honors the traditional Chinese art. Having studied its characteristic features for ten years, he follows its cannons not being afraid of experimenting.  For more than 30 years, the artist has been working in “Gunba” style in the genre of “flowers and birds” and “mountains and rivers”. He gives a more modern interpretation of this traditional theme in Chinese painting.  For the master the “Gunba” style is a special elegance that is the hallmark of the painting of southern school of landscape painting.

The painter, referring to the objective world, expresses feelings without any restrictions – that is the main difference between the Chinese painting and the Western one. Yang Duntszyan is in a constant search of the expression of beauty. Despite the fact, that the flowers and birds are natural creatures, for the master they are also an occasion for contemplation of human life. “Flowers are eloquent” and the ability to express feelings through objects of the surrounding world is a sign of excellence.  The artists’ artworks are valued among Chinese collectors for the combination of simple and complex subject lines and complicated drawing technique.

Yang Duntszyan says: “The art ennobles the soul, in a daily life I can always find an object of high aspirations, everything is harmony. The art has helped me to understand the inner laws of nature and gain wisdom”.

Yang Duntszyan is not only an outstanding artist, but also a great poet, novelist, essayist. Especially clearly the artist’s analytical talent is revealed in his reflections on the theory of art.  In the essay “The Chinese ink painting – traditions and genetic recombination” Yang Duntszyan on the example of drawing technique explores the origins of the development of Chinese painting and its new forms of realization in works of modern masters.

The biography of the artist has come into such publications of lexicographical literature as the “Great Dictionary of the World Calligraphy and Drawing”, “Chinese Biographical Dictionary of Contemporaries”, “Talents of China”, “Graceful Genres of Chinese Poetry”, “Emigrant Star”, etc. His works are collections of many art and private entities in China and other countries. For a long time art lovers are showing  a strong interest in his creative work.

The exhibition presents about 70 works by the artist.    

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