Exhibition of Works by Stanislav Lomov at the Russian Academy of Arts

January 1 – February 3, 2015
Exhibition halls of the Russian Academy of Arts
21 Prechistenka street, Moscow

The Russian Academy of Arts presents a solo show of more than 60 works by the Academician of the Russian Academy of Education, Honorary Member of the Russian Academy of Arts Stanislav Lomov.

Stanislav Lomov was born in 1948. In 1980 he graduated fr om V. Lenin Moscow State Pedagogical Institute where he majored in graphic art. Stanislav Lomov is a Doctor of Pedagogical Sciences, Professor, Member of the Creative Artists’ Union of Russia, member of many expert-, research and methodical-, art councils and commissions. For 20 years he has been heading the department of fine arts and crafts at the Moscow State Regional University. Lomov is an author of many research works, monographs, textbooks on fine arts.

Along with his active teaching activity Stanislav Lomov is known for his watercolors and easel paintings executed in a classical technique wh ere the artist continues the traditions of Russian realistic art. His landscapes of the low-key nature of Central Russia are full of the artist’s love of his native country, a special series is dedicated to historical and cultural centers of Russia: majestic architecture of the Solovetsky Monastery, quiet streets of Sergiev Posad, old architectural masterpieces of Suzdal, beautiful corners of the Tver region.

One of his favorite motifs is a seascape of the Crimea, Italy, Greece. A delicate color stylist he perfectly senses and portrays changeable states of nature in various seasons and time. The correlation of space and air, light and shadow in his paintings produces a unique atmosphere of beauty and harmony of the endlessly changing image of live nature.

Stanislav Lomov is fond of traveling, he arranges plain air studies for his students in Russia and other countries. His impressions of these journeys can be seen in the artist’s works executed in Italy, Germany, Spain, Bulgaria, France, Iceland.   Lomov is a holder of the “To the Worthy” medal and Diploma of the Russian Academy of Arts, Silver and Gold Medal of the Creative Artists’ Union of Russia.

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