Pavel P. Chistyakov House-Museum

Pavel P. Chistyakov House-Museum is a place to visit in the town of Pushkin near St. Petersburg.

A portraitist and historical painter, professor of the Imperial Academy of Arts, Pavel P. Chistyakov is known in the history of Russian art school as a teacher of many  Russian great  artists. Among his pupils,  in different periods, were such masters as Repin, Polenov, Surikov, Vasnetsov, Savinski, Serov, Vrubel, Grabar, Kardovsky, Ryabushkin, Borisov-Musatov and others.

His two-storeyed wooden country house, where he lived and worked for about forty years, is a good example of the architecture of the second half  of the 19th century. Designed by the architect A. Colbe, it was completed in 1876.

The Museum’s collection of 1300 items consists of original paintings and graphic works of the late 18th- second half of the 20th century,  memorabilia and household things once kept in the family of Chistyakov’s grandson Y.V. Durdin, as well as in the archive and museum of the Rusian Academy of Arts.      

Among frequent visitors of the house were many noted artists – I. Repin, V. Stavinski, V. Serov, N. Bruni, M. Vasnetsov, A. Riccioni, G. Semiradski, A. Gaush and others.

The paintings by Chistyakov’s students on display in his house and in the Russian Academy of Arts testify to the great teaching talent of  the professor whose methods are still used and appreciated in art institutions.

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