Российская Академия художеств

B. Ioganson St. Petersburg State Academy Art Lyceum

Address: 17 Detskaya street, building 1
199106 St. Petersburg, Russia
Tel/Fax: 812 322 0381

Tel: (812) 322-0381
E-mail: artlicei@rambler.ru

In 1934 the establishment of the first in the Soviet Union art school for gifted children was initiated by the Leningrad communist party boss Sergei Kirov. Located in the Academy of Arts building in Leningrad,  in 1936 it was transformed in the Secondary Art School.  In 1947 the Secondary Art School became a division of the USSR Academy of Arts which in 1973 was named after the noted artist B. Ioganson.

Since 1992 it has been the B. Ioganson  St. Petersburg State Academy Art Lyceum    
comprising three divisions: painting, sculpture and architecture.      

Among its first teachers were mostly professors and teachers of the Academy of Arts: K. Lepilov,  L. Ovsyannikov, A. Kuznetsov, V. Senchukov and many others. The School boasts its such alumni of international reputation as M. Anikushin, M. Shemyakin, E. Neizvestny, D. Shagin, Y. Krestovski, etc.

Application and interviews. The most gifted children with the four year experience in the primary school are selected to become students of the Lyceum for the free of charge eight-year training. The Diploma of the secondary art education allows its graduates to enroll in the higher art educational entities, including I. Repin St. Petersburg State Academy Institute of Painting, Sculpture and Architecture.

Since 1997, the Lyceum has arranged annual international children’s art competitions named after I. Repin and exhibitions of its most talented  students’ works of art.

The teachers’ staff consists mostly of the graduates of the I. Repin Institute of Painting, Sculpture and Architecture thus continuing the traditions of the Russian art school.